Linda Larson Awards

Linda Larson Commission for Women Awards

You can read about the nomination requirements below. Go to to fill out your nomination form.
Nominations are due by Monday, March 18 at 5pm. 

The Linda Larson Commission for Women Woman of the Year Award was created in 2002 to honor women at UMD who exemplify going above and beyond to benefit women at UMD. Following in the legacy of Linda Larson, recipients of this award are making a difference in the lives of women at UMD and in the greater Duluth community. Their contributions to women have long-lasting impact for favorable climate change.

Linda Larson worked at UMD for over 25 years and was inducted into the UMD Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007. Throughout her career she worked to expand women’s athletics on campus and was integral to the university’s compliance with Title IX when it was adopted. She worked diligently to improve the position of the Women’s Resource and Action Center on campus. She has also done extensive work for women outside the university by volunteering her time and serving on the boards for the Northern Pine Girl Scout Council and the Duluth YWCA. Her efforts have made UMD’s women’s athletics what they are today. It is this type of legacy for women that this award is meant to honor.

In 2011, the Commission broadened the Linda Larson Award to honor women in three distinct categories: faculty, staff, and student. We would like to invite all members of the UMD community (men and women, students, faculty, staff, and alumni) to nominate any current or former UMD faculty or staff woman, or female student, for one of the following:

  • Linda Larson Commission for Women Faculty Woman of the Year Award
  • Linda Larson Commission for Women Staff Woman of the Year Award
  • Linda Larson Commission for Women Student Woman of the Year Award

The nomination form asks that you include the following information:
1. The name of the woman being nominated including contact information for her;
2. The award category;
3. A description of the activities of this woman that shows outstanding contribution to the continuing improvement of women’s experiences at UMD specifically, as well as in the community at large; and
4. The name and contact information for the person(s) nominating this individual.

Beginning in 2008, all nominees from the previous year will be considered as contenders for the current year’s Woman of the Year awards. Please submit your nominations at

We invite you to join the Commission for Women as together we build upon the legacy of Linda Larson by encouraging and celebrating the contributions women are making on campus to improve the climate for women.


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