To further the Commission for Women’s mission to improve and enrich the working and learning environments for UMD women, several grants of up to $1,000 are awarded each year. Grants may be awarded to individuals or organizations seeking assistance in providing programs or activities which directly benefit a broad group of women in the UMD community. A wide range of activities have been funded. Here is a list of past recipients.


Procedures | Requirements | Funding Criteria |


Applicants must complete the Grant Request Form. Forms are accepted electronically or by campus mail to the Grant Committee Chair. Applications must clearly detail how the proposed project/event/activity will benefit UMD women. Grants will be awarded as small grants (up to $300) or large grants ($301-$1000).

The grant committee reviews the small grants as they are received and the large grants as scheduled. After Committee action, recommendations for funding are taken to the Commission for approval of recommendations. Funds are awarded to organizations, departments, or some fiscal unit of the University for dispersal. This entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks from the time the grants are received. The Grants Committee Chair notifies applicants concerning the committee’s decision and/or CW action.


1. Funds must be disbursed during the current fiscal year. Therefore funds may only be requested for events that will be completed within the current fiscal year.

2. Funds will be transferred after the conclusion of the event and after we receive your written evaluation of the event. The evaluation should include how money was spent, success or failure of event, impact they feel the event had on UMD women, number of attendants and what if anything they would change to make their project more successful or have a bigger impact on UMD women. All reports must be turned in by June 30 or the grant money will be forfeited.

3. All programs funded, partially or in full, must give appropriate credit to the Commission for Women. All publicity (news releases, posters, programs, etc.) must include acknowledgement of the support of the Commission for Women. New: All events added to the UMD Events Calendar must include the Commission for Women as an additional sponsor to the event.

4. Proper attribution of all quoted materials in the grant application.


The Grants Committee will evaluate the request based upon the following criteria:

  1. Will the activity result in a direct benefit to a broad group of women in the UMD community?
  2. How many UMD women are likely to participate in the program?
  3. How large a portion of the UMD women’s community will be affected by the program?
  4. How much money is being requested?
  5. The success of past activities of the group.
  6. The amount of money available to the Commission.
  7. Is the application complete?

Some past grants have supported:

  • Proposals that meet the mission of enhancing the environment for women at UMD
  • Only presentations/events that are generated from and delivered on campus
  • Lectures, based on the speaker’s focus; (we are not obliged to fund an annual series)
  • Travel to conferences – only when knowledge gained from the conference will directly impact a large group of women at UMD (a presentation on UMD campus is required)

We do not generally fund:

  • Proposals that do not clearly result in a direct benefit to a broad group of women in the UMD community
  • Retroactive requests (for past events)
  • The same person for the same conference or effort for multiple years
  • Computer or equipment purchases
  • On-going programs
  • Scholarships

For additional questions about Commission for Women grants, please contact the Grants Committee chair, Cindy Christian.

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