Funding Criteria

The Grants Committee will evaluate the request based on the following criteria:

  1. Will the activity result in a direct benefit to a broad group of women in the UMD community?
  2. How many UMD women are likely to participate in the program?
  3. How large a portion of the UMD women’s community will be affected by the program?
  4. How much money is being requested?
  5. The success of past activities of the group.
  6. The amount of money available to the Commission.
  7. Is the application complete?

Some past grants have supported:

  • Proposals that meet the mission of enhancing the environment for women at UMD
  • Only presentations/events that are generated from and delivered on campus
  • Lectures, based on the speaker’s focus; (we are not obliged to fund an annual series)
  • Travel to conferences – only when knowledge gained from the conference will directly impact a large group of women at UMD (a presentation on UMD campus is required)

We do not generally fund:

  • Proposals that do not clearly result in a direct benefit to a broad group of women in the UMD community
  • Retroactive requests (for past events)
  • The same person for the same conference or effort for multiple years
  • Computer or equipment purchases
  • On-going programs
  • Scholarships