1. Funds must be disbursed during the current fiscal year. Therefore funds may only be requested for events that will be completed within the current fiscal year.

2. Funds will be transferred after the conclusion of the event and after we receive your written evaluation of the event. The evaluation should include how money was spent, success or failure of the event, the impact they feel the event had on UMD women, the number of attendants and what if anything they would change to make their project more successful or have a bigger impact on UMD women. All reports must be turned in by June 30 or the grant money will be forfeited.

3. All programs funded, partially or in full, must give appropriate credit to the Commission for Women. All publicity (news releases, posters, programs, etc.) must include acknowledgment of the support of the Commission for Women. New: All events added to the UMD Events Calendar must include the Commission for Women as an additional sponsor to the event.

4. Proper attribution of all quoted materials in the grant application.